Friday, February 24, 2006

02.2006 - Net Worth

As of February 8, 2006, my net worth is $156,575.39. Physical assets like car and personal items were not included. Assets (type - amount - % of total assets): Cash - $84,596.47 - 47.19% Stocks - $20,751.99 - 11.58% Retirement - $73,933.32 - 41.24% (Combination of stocks, cash) Liabilities: Credit Cards - $6,100 (Mostly 0% interest) Car Loan - $16,606.39 @ 4.25% I'm a fairly conservative person, although considering my age, I should be more aggressive. I've found I sleep better knowing my money is growing safely, albeit not in large amounts. As time goes on, I may change. Posting my net worth is a little uncomfortable. But for sometime now, I've been enjoying blogs like 2million's and Neo's Nest Egg, so I thought I should contribute too. There are so many good blogs out there. I don't have a fancy application to track my finances. All I do is use an Excel spreadsheet with two main sections, Assets and Liabilities. Every month, I go through my accounts and update the spreadsheet. I like it, and it works for me. I plan on posting my net worth montly, but we'll see how that goes :). I do hope that I can invest in my own home and more stocks later.

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