Monday, February 27, 2006

TiVo Bad, Must Change...

TiVo revolutionized the way people watch TV. Ask anyone with a TiVo, and they'll say they can't live without it. I've read posts where people cry when their TiVo dies because they missed their favorite shows and lost what they were saving. But folks, I hate to say it, but I have to, TiVo is bad. It's a bad investment that is. Instead, I would recommend a DVR from your cable provider. Now Dish and DirectTV may be a little different, but in my area we have Time Warner which has two DVRs, one regular and one HD. I'm not into the specs too much, but it does cost about $6.00 more per month. The interface is different from TiVo, but the HD box I use has more than enough space for me (~40hrs HD), 2 tuners (watch one, record one or record 2 tv shows at same time), and the performance is very good--not much lag. $6.00 x 12 months = $72.00 per year TiVo service ~$13.00 per month + the TiVo box, which can be had for $50 after rebates, or even if it's free, TiVo still comes out to more. Now let's say you get the lifetime membership, sure after about 4 years, you'll break even...if your TiVo doesn't break first! And it'll be way outdated by then. DVRs from the cable company are always under warranty, and you can request a free upgrade anytime...if they have a new model that comes out. Of course no more modding your TiVo to a terabyte, but hey life is give and take. In the long run, I really hope TiVo beats the marketplace and comes out with something cool. They created this market, I hope they are still here many years from now.

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