Friday, February 24, 2006, is it worth it?

As a lender: High returns. An interesting way to use cash. A great social experiment. As a borrower: You request rates. Chance of a loan, where banks and credit unions declined. A great social experiment. With all the investment vehicles out there, why would someone want to lend money to people you don't know? Conceptually, I think is a great idea--help your fellow person out, in return you get good karma? I call BS. Folks lend money because there's a high interest return. Reading the requests for money on the site is a little disturbing with a picture of the family, or use of a child, people try and get sympathy, which in turn leads to people lending money at a lower interest rate to high risk individuals. Yes, on occassion the person on the other side might be someone out of their luck honestly trying to make a mends, but I bet there are just as many scammers. Ah the whole idea is just odd. And besides, why would I want the world to know I need money? For those who are doing it, good for you. For me, I'll stay away...for now.

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