Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Gas Thieves Strike My Neighbor!

Gas prices are rising, but come on, siphoning gas from a car parked in their garage? If your vehicle does not have a defense against gas thieves, let me recommend getting a locking gas cap. On top of the fact that these folks are stealing gas, from reports I've seen on the news last night, they also leave some nice scratches on your car at the same time. How nice.


LAMoneyGuy said...

I remember hearing about this in the late 70s (yes, I am old enough to remember that). One time our washing machine stopped working and my dad got out a hose, and sucked on one end to get the water out, ala the siphoning trick. He explained that people do this to steal gas. I'm glad to know we are back to those days.

Those were fun economic times as well.

mapgirl said...

I hope those gas stealers get some hideous gum disease or oral cancer from doing this. Horrible!

freedumb said...

Sad isn't it? Hopefully things will get better. At least gas is easily replaceable I guess.