Tuesday, May 09, 2006

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In my post about DVDs being a waste of money, I said I would write about my luxuries, so you can criticize away...so here it is, my list of luxuries. Be nice. - My dog. Some would argue that an animal companion is a luxury and not a necessity, but I'll man up and say it, I love my dog. - My camera. I like photography. I have a Nikon D70 and bunch of lenses. Nothing pro-caliber yet, but I may be considering a Nikon VR 70-200 lens in the near future. - I like to eat out. We're not talking Morton's Steak House now, more like Subway and McD. I eat out, on average, 3 times a week. I work from home, so being couped up all day by myself is not that fun. I love ice cream too. - I drive a truck, but I put on about 500 miles a month plus with the dog, a truck is just much easier for both of us, and I use premium gas in my truck. - I love computers and other techy stuff. I have a DVR (similar to Tivo) and I have a notebook as my primary workstation. I am planning to buy a new notebook when Microsoft Vista comes out. Of course I may wait a couple of months until all the press has died down. I also have a High-Def TV, but it's not the super fancy DLP 62" projection TV, it's just a 34" CRT. It has a great feature set for the price, and the picture quality is great! I did want to get a DLP projection TV though. - I own a Sony PS2, and I am considering purchasing a Sony PS3. But for ~$600 just for the console, I'm having serious second thoughts. I usually find myself playing games on the computer if anything anyway. And even that has become an extremely rare occurence. I used to play online games which costed around $13/month, but I stopped that last year. It just takes too much time, and you get no return! A horrible investment. - I subscribe to Blockbuster.com. That's all that I can think of right now...I'll post more as I find them. Somethings I didn't write, I consider necessities...like the cell phone and broadband. I would consider myself a fairly non-luxurious person...Although I am considering buying some high thread count sheets, I probably never will. So criticize away! Maybe I should figure out how much these luxuries are costing me in the future...And maybe I should write a list of crap I just don't need.

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