Thursday, April 20, 2006

Finding a Real Estate Agent is Just Like Getting Married

I went to a class yesterday called, "Role of the Realtor," and it was an eye opening experience. I never realized how much of an impact the agent can have, and you really are entering a "relationship" with this person. Really, it is almost like getting married isn't it? Well, in the best situations it do, on many occassions, seem to form a lifelong bond...since your first house is often not the last. From what I learned, I realized that trust is the single most important aspect in finding a realtor. Interview at least 3 of them to get acquainted and see if they understand your needs. Personally here are the important factors in finding my realtor: - Agent must be comfortable with disclosing number of clients currently serving, and possibly what types. I don't want an agent with lots of different clients looking for the same type of properties as I am. - Agent must be willing to disclose financials of a transaction in full detail. I have no problem working with an agent to make them money, as long as I trust that they are also looking out for me. It's a two way street. If I have any sense that I'm being taken for, it just won't work. - One that accepts my personality and is willing to deal with it. I have a tendency to be very picky and fickle on decisions. Unless I feel very comfortable with a decision, I can go very far in the process and decide to back out. Agent must understand that. - Agent must have a few years of experience. Now, I don't want to automatically exclude new real estate agents, but I do want one that has a few years under his/her belt because it really does make a difference, especially in small communities because reputation and experience make for a much smoother transaction. - One that can be honest and have my best interests at hand. If there's a good real estate deal on the floor, would the agent buy it instead of giving me an opportunity? Look at past deals...and ask around. One that comes with a recommendation is much better than shopping the classifieds. - Do they mind 2 or 3 calls in a one hour period? Because sometimes I do that... - Agent must be full time. That's what I learned...Now if only I could really get married... :)

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Scott said...

yes there is more to a realtor than meets the eye. As with every profession there are those who will jump through fire to get a task done and others that meander along and will get the task done, but at their own pace. And what you said about building a relationship is what we(realtors) wish to do, the more we know about your needs the better we can work for you(our client).
Trust is a big issue with anyone as they say - trust is earned not given. What you have to understand is we have strict rules concerning information we gather from our clients almost like doctor/patient
Real Estate is like any other business we are here to make money but it dose not stop there, home ownership is one of lilfes biggest dreams and we have the power to help in that respect. A good agent will take in all the essentials that your family requires and find the best house to meet your budget and goals, sticks with you through out the process of closing and will check up on you from time to time to see how your family is doing. What you have to remember is we are bringing you into our community - and it's always fun to make a new friend
Good luck
Scott Ferguson