Friday, April 21, 2006

Quit Complaining About Gas Prices!

I'm sick and tired of all the complaining about gas prices. Get over it! You choose to drive when there are public transportation options available. OMG!!!! I'm just kidding. Seriously though, the pain of higher gas prices has opened many eyes here in America, mine included. The rest of the world might be laughing at us since they already pay so much more for gas. This graphic does a really good job of showing the gas cost breakdown...I thought you might be interested. Looking at that graphic, you can see how companies like Exxon can make tons of money...since they touch everthing from collecting raw crude, to refining, to distribution, to the gas pump. Imagine taking a 20-30% profit at each step of the way...scary. Supply and demand. New refining regulations and ethanol requirements. Crude oil reserves running low. Iran conflict. Venezuelan president. It all just points to the direction of increasing oil prices. I mean it's a limited resource...and given the laws of supply and demand, prices are just going to keep going up. We may have to just get used to it. There are reports that high gas prices are here to stay. I guess the best plan is to really take a look at ourselves and how we can reduce gas usage. It's Just Money wrote about ways he's conserving gas. Even though I don't drive much, everyone around me is affected by higher gas prices. Gas and housing has got me worried about the economy.

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