Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wal-Mart...Too Successful For Its Own Good!

Wal-Mart saves me money...They've become such an iconic American success that they are now falling victim to the "Too Successful For It's Own Good" Syndrome. Seriously, isn't it odd? The bigger you get, the more you get scrutinized. Okay maybe not that un-expected but still. It's an irony. For example, all the press about Wal-Mart and whether they choose to sell something or not...Or how about their placement of Brokeback Mountain! Here's a blog post on some protest about Brokeback Mountain...But a mom & pop shop can choose to support one vendor over another...just because they like them! I heard some good press on Wal-Mart today, they are going to assist small business in the rural neighborhoods providing them with grants, free advertising in their stores, and, hold your breath, some literature on how to survive with a Wal-Mart in their neighborhood. Wal-Mart just seems to epitomize the good and the bad of our economy...from illegal workers, to health care for part-timers, to mad rushes during Christmas... Anyway, I just thought about one of the odd ironies of the American Dream. Maybe I'll buy some WMT stock for my asset reallocation...

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