Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Smoking Update: 31 days!

Woohoo, 31 days! Smoke-free. Well, I did smoke a few way back in week 1, but never bought a pack. Now it's all about remembering even one more re-lapse could startup the bad habit all over again. It's not easy...everytime I have coffee, I think about a cigarette. Everytime I'm done eating, I think about a cigarette. Everytime I use the bathroom, I think about a cigarette...hah, just kidding. But the point is, a habit that was just engrained in everyday life, is now gone. Last I heard, Financial Train Wreck and his significant other are also doing well breaking the nicotine addiction. If you have some time, post a comment there and tell them to keep up the good work! Thanks to SingleMa...definitely feeling the vibes! To date, $69.75 saved! Woot!


jonathan radande said...

It is nice to see that you are in control. I stopped smoking myself a few weeks ago.

It is really hard to try to stay off, but every time I get the urge, I simply remind myself of the benefits of not smoking, and the urge simply disappears.

Congratulations and best of luck.


Single Ma said...

Go 'head wit ya bad self!!

Wish I had your willpower when it comes to chocolate. LOL

Jack said...



Trainwreck said...

Awesome! Cograts and Thanks!
Trainwreck & The Misses

freedumb said...

Thanks for all the continued support!!!

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