Saturday, April 29, 2006

Free Software You Must Use. That's Right MUST Use.

Okay, not must use, but I really, really recommend them. They are great applications. I'm a Windows user, so my recommendations are for Windows apps. Some versions maybe available for Linux and MacOS, but I'm not sure... Password Corral I've been using this app since 1996. Actually, I'm not really sure when I started using Password Corral, but it's been awhile...I have passwords recorded from waaaaay back. Irfanview Hands down the BEST free imaging tool. Of course, it's user interface could stand for some improvement, but the features make it well worth it. EZ Antivirus by Computer Associates Sure you could spend $40.00 a year on Nortan or McAffee, but I prefer free. On top of that, I try to becareful when viewing emails and documents, so my anti-virus app is really just an extra level of protection. I actually ran without one for over 2 years before installing EZ Antivirus last November. Okay, everybody hates Spyware. If you're a fan, let me know...You would be the first person I've met that likes it. Unlike viruses, Spyware can mutate and "live" in your environment in multiple ways...often being more invasive then viruses since they are actual applications that run on your computer, versus viruses which find holes in applications. If you want a really clean environment, don't install odd software! If it's looks shady, don't install it...But if you've already installed music swapping software, free games, etc. then you need to run: Microsoft Defender (Beta 2) Spybot - Search & Destroy Ad-aware These 3 tools should clean out most Spyware. Yes, you should run all 3 of them. Why? Because they often detect different spyware apps. I strongly recommend Microsoft's offers real-time protection, which means that it'll tell you right away that some suspicious activity is happening on your computer. All right, so let's say you've run all 3, and you STILL have some funky windows popping up on your system. Well, now it's time to call in the calvary. Properly used, this tool will help get rid of any bad stuff on your computer. It'll let you dig deep into the details of Windows. HijackThis. Don't let the novice looking webpage scare you. This is the Swiss Army knife of system tools. Not recommended for the faint of heart, this tool can be extremely useful and cause irrepairable damage if not used correctly. Let me know if you have any questions. Check out John's list @ Might Bargain Hunters.

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