Sunday, July 02, 2006

06.2006 Net Worth [+$5,807.05, +2.99%]

Theme of this month? Not much. This month would be a good reference point in terms of what I should be able to save on an average month. But I did break the $200k mark, which feels good. Next target, the "quarter million" mark.

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You may have noticed a fairly significant shift from my investment accounts to my cash accounts. I originally wanted to shift a significant portion of my assets into stocks, but with the current savings rates, I'm happy to leave my cash in savings accounts. Yeah, may not be the wisest move, but I like being able to sleep at night. As a compromise, I do plan on shifting my 401k assets into more aggressive funds. Which funds? To be determined. I may expense some stock options next month. Depending on how my company's stock does. I also have a CD expiring, just in time to get that cash into an even higher yielding CD. Next month's expenses: - Auto Insurance premium.

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