Thursday, July 06, 2006

Do You Look Like Your Net Worth?

A couple of my friends look a lot more expensive than they are financially worth. I'm just talking financially here...As friends, they're worth more than money could buy. So don't go all crazy on me for this post. What do I mean? Well, they buy expensive clothes and bags, but they are in debt and live paycheck to paycheck. To each his/her own, but that brought up a question in my mind, do you look like how much you're financially worth? I'm just talking about the clothes, car, and entertainment kind of worth. I know I don't. For example, some people may eat out at expensive restaurants, drive expensive cars, but be heavily in debt. I like wearing old shirts, not new old shirts either...Shirts that I have owned for almost 10 years now. They're so soft and comfortable. I like leaving my hair uncombed. Considering I work at home, I guess it's okay. Some people would be embarrased, and call me a slob. I don't think I am. I clean up when I need to, but I'm not overly concerned with how I look. Hmmm, that could attribute to why I'm single. Hah. But hey, I'm not complaining, I like single life. A while back, Him @ Make Love, Not Debt, wrote Metrosexual Expenses. I was pretty shocked...I'm looking for the cheapest haircuts. So, do you look like your net worth?


B&I said...

He and I look a lot less than we are actually worth but that does not stop us from having fun at all.

I still have clothes from 5 years ago I wear them and am happy that I can still fit into them.

I think it is better to know that you can have it if you want to ,than have it and know that you ought not to :)

James L said...

i am not really sure how a 400k+ person is "suppose" to look. uhm.. i think i look my net worth by wearing $14.50 pants and $12.99 shirt today..

LAMoneyGuy said...

My net worth went from negative three and a half years ago to ~140k now. I think I look the same. Feel better. But look the same.

Single Ma said...

I probably look better than my net worth but I'm also a bargain hunter with an eye for a good deal and one hell of a negotiator who thinks fast on her feet.

Umm...nice picture choice (I think).

freedumb said...

Thanks for all the feedback folks.

B&I, I agree...I like that saying, "I think it is better to know that you can have it if you want to ,than have it and know that you ought not to :) "

james, I'm not sure how someone with 400K+ in NW is supposed to look either. I just know that someone with negative NW shouldn't be looking like a celebrity.

LAMoneyDude, I still can't imagine you had a negative networth just 3.5 years ago!

singleMa, hah...that pic is, ummm, outside my normal choice of images, but when I searched for expensive stuff that's what I got.

Tricia said...

Like you Freedumb, I work at home so I put on whatever is clean and sometimes I don't brush my hair until after work when I have to face the outside world. I'm sure I look like my negative net worth and once it gets in the positive I'm sure I'll look the same :)