Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's Going To Hurt When I Have To Pay My 0% Balances Off...Oh, and My Credit Card Limits.

Just looking over my current financials, and the almost $32,000.00 in credit card debt just sticks out. I don't like having debt, and as much as I know 0% is playing in my favor, it still kind of sucks knowing I have to pay it off eventually. Anyway, I decided to take a look at my credit card limits (credit Claire @ Tired but happy) in hopes that my debt to credit limit ratio is fairly low. So here we go: CC1: 14,400 (used: ~10,000, 0%) CC2: 15,000 CC3: 9,000 CC4: 15,500 CC5: 16,000 (used: ~790, paid off monthly) CC6: 22,000 (used: ~20,000, 0%) <- not good for credit score? CC7: 16,200 Total Credit: $108,100 Well, that puts me at around 30% credit utilization. Unfortunately, I think it's not overall credit usage that affects your credit score, but utilization per credit card? Anyway, come the end of the year CC1 will become a zero balance credit card. CC6 is good until Sept 07.

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Tricia said...

*mouth wide open*

That's some major credit card limits ya got there!!!

I think it's total utilization amongst all of your credit cards, so you're in decent shape with the 30%. But, I don't know if having that much credit could hurt your score?