Friday, July 14, 2006

Off Topic: Getting Off Blogger and - A Mini-Guide

Alright, for those interested in moving off of (I hope I don't lose my account lol), Flexo over at Consumerism Commentary is generously offering 5 lucky bloggers their chance at having their own domain name hosted! FYI, Domain name registration not included, unless you'd like to pay Flexo to have him set it up for you. It may already be too late though, since it was first come first serve I believe. Go there and read the terms he set out... I haven't setup hosting for Financial Freedumb yet, but I am thinking about doing it in the future. I'm slowly in the process of moving over already actually. I don't want to impact my readers too much in one shot, so I'm taking it slowly. Here are my plans, if you have any tips on minimizing the impact on my readers and my exposure, please let me know! 1. I'm using Feedburner. This way, I can point my feed to a new "source" without affecting the original RSS location. Readers already subscribed to my blog should not be affected, no need to resubscribe. The last thing I need is to lose 1 of my 10 subscribers! :D 2. I've purchased the domain name,, and have it redirected to my This way, I can always reference as my blog address. Then when the switch over happens, it should be fairly painless. 3. I plan on posting a few times before the switch over to request bloggers to switch over links to instead of 4. Finally, I plan to keep my blogger account alive, but change my template to point users to my new site. All old links will work, but notify readers of my new location. That's it. If all goes well, impact to my readers should be minimal, and that's goal number one. Can you tell I work in customer service and have been brainwashed for long enough? If you're interested, please signup through my referral link...I host at, and they're awesome! They have this "one-click" install which lets you setup Wordpress. Very convenient! Or just pay Flexo. :) Maybe you can convince him to start a "fee-for-migration service."

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