Saturday, July 22, 2006

My 401k YTD Rate Of Return Is a Measily 0.4%. What's Yours?

My current rate of return (ROR) for my 401k year-to-date (01.01.2006 - 07.21.2006) is 0.4%. Not that great at all. I'm curious, how are your 401k's doing? What's your ROR? This is how ROR is calculated, per my 401k website: Normally, you analyze an investment based on its Beginning Balance, its Ending Balance, and the schedule of Cash Flows between these 2 balances. Your Rate of Return is calculated as the Rate of Return for your particular Beginning Balance, Ending Balance, and schedule of Cash Flows. A compound daily rate of return is computed by testing different rates until one is found that increases (or reduces in the case of a loss) your beginning balance and all of your cash-flows to equal your ending balance within 0.00000000001%. Then the actual account performance during the investment period is calculated.


mapgirl said...

Your account performance as of Jun 30 2006: Year to Jun 30 2006: 2.58%

Not great, but not down. However for Q2. it's down by -1.24%.

It's only up I think because I diversified into an International Fund when I joined this plan last year. It's the first time I've invested internationally and I guess I'm glad for the diversification!

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