Monday, July 03, 2006

How I Streeeeeetch Each Dollar I Spend

Of course, first priority is to try and save, but if I'm going to be spending money anyway, might as well try and stretch each dollar. Everyone has their own tricks on doing this. I'll share mine. 1. Citi Dividend Rewards for gas, groceries, and drug store purchases. 5% Walmart, Kmart, Target... 2. Citi Professional Card for office supplies and eating out. 3% 3. Use a "0% APR on purchases" card for everything else. Right now, I'm using an Amex Blue card that's got 0% on purchases until December. 4. Tack on AA RewardsNetwork to your credit card! Especially good with the Citi Professional card. Dine program to Citi Professional Card for additional mileage bonus for eating at certain restaurants. You get miles, up to 10 miles per dollar and 3% back! Could equal almost 13% back. 5. Never use cash! Why? You get added benefits for using a card and on top of that they are lending you money for almost a whole month. Sure pennies in interest, but over a lifetime, it could be substantial. 6. And finally, I try to buy only things on sale. Now if only I could use one credit card to pay off another...I'd be getting everything for free (and making some money)! I haven't got into newspaper coupons, yet, but maybe that's next. How about you? Any additional tips on stretching each dollar?

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