Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Silver, Buffalo & Wheat In Your Pocket?

Did you know that some valuable coins are still in circulation today? They could even be in your pocket! I just thought I'd share the little I know about coins...there's a huge world of coin collecting I'm not going to go into. I don't know enough, and as much as I would love to get into it, I don't think I have enough time right now. Although, had I invested in coins earlier, considering metal values today, I would be one rich dude. Let's start with the penny: Ah it's a penny. Look for odd looking ones. Even if composed of rare metals, it's pretty small so there's not much in there. Although, if you do find a 1943 copper penny, that penny could be worth $200,000.00+!! The nickel: Look for the buffalo or nickels dated from 1942 - 1945, known as the wartime nickels. These are composed of 35% silver! I think early nickels are composed of nickel...that's why they are not worth that much except for the buffalos and the wartime nickels. The dime: If you have a dime dated 1964 or earlier, keep it. Could be worth something. Unless you have a 1965 silver dime, which were made with silver by mistake, it could be worth more than $9000! The quarter: Same here...the magic year is 1964. 90% silver! If you find a quarter severly misstamped...KEEP IT! It's worth $400-3000 USD! Check this post out if you haven't already... So there you have it. Dump out the change in your pockets, sift through the jars in your homes, empty out those ash trays full of coins in your cars. You could strike it rich! If not, roll them up or go to a coin counting machine...They earn no interest sitting there. Oh and if you find a super valuable coin, be sure to send Freedumb a piece of the change. I'll write up a thank you letter for the world to see on my blog. Trust me, the exposure on my blog is priceless. ;)

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