Monday, July 17, 2006

How Much My Education Costed...My Entire Education From K Through College.

So I was curious, everyone talks about the price of a college education, but ever wondered what the cost is to be educated through a lifetime? Having gone to private schooling from K-12 and then a public state university, my education costed a little more than attending a public school. K-8, small Catholic school: ~$1,000.00/year (averaged over 9 years) + $2,000.00 for summer fun/school. 9-12, a different Catholic school: $4,000.00/year + $1,500.00 for summer school. College, state university (removed my scholarship): $2,000.00/year (averaged over 5 years) + $1,200.00 for summer school. Total? $39,700.00 for my total education. Not adjusted for inflation. That's a pretty penny. Now if I consider my scholarship, my total education costs drop to: $15,700.00. I hope my kids can get a scholarship! (I don't have any, but if I do in the future)

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