Friday, March 10, 2006

Cigarette Sales at 55-year Low!

You know, I don't wish bad things on tobacco companies, and I really believe in a free market. Whether they lied or deceived people, I don't know...I made my choice to smoke, and I have to live with it. I believe that's one of the major problems in society, where we always need to find someone to blame...My belief is that the final blame always comes down to ourselves. We make ourselves better that way. Went off on a tangent...*slaps myself*. Anyway, reading this article, made me grin... Thanks to Financial Train Wreck and Mike @ The Useless Tree for posting up more support! If I ever miss anyone, let me say sorry up front...I'm not a very organized blogger.


Apollo said...

Good post. Good luck on quiting your smoking habit. Lots of good information also. Like the mug shot of you dog. He's got that whimisal curiosity look to him.

I'm just getting started on the blog thing. Would appreciate any tips or advise for a newbie. How do you post the goal tracker on the side? Also interested in posting a disclaimer like yours on my blog if possible.


freedumb said...

Apollo, Thanks for the comments! I'll send you an email about the tracker and disclaimer...