Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Smoking Update: Day 3

So far, so good...the first day was difficult, and I definitely felt the effects of nicotine withdrawl. I had a small headache and was pretty irritable. It's the 3rd day now, I'm starting to feel better. I did have a couple of periods where I wanted to go buy a pack...but didn't. I also tried not to hang out with my friend who smokes...for obvious reasons :). Thanks to lamoneyguy, who gave me some good advice, "It's a combination of will power and a change of attitude. The will power alone will never be enough. Like some who decides that today is the day they get out of debt, the change in attitude is most important." And to mbhunter who said, "One way to help you stick with it: Set up a jar or a sub-account, and put the money that you don't spend on cigarettes in the jar. Save half of the money and use the other half to celebrate after you reach a milestone." Two pieces of advice I totally agree with...I need to setup that jar... Thanks for the support! Having this blog has helped a lot so far...knowing that I can go back and look at something to remind me, gives me a little more oomph to skip that urge. It's awesome! Let's see if I can hit a week.


Jose Anes said...

Good luck and congratulations for keeping up until this point.

I hope you can quit smoking.

Stop Smoking is one of my saving tips on my blog.

Gay Yuppies said...

Today is three years for me. Hang in there. It only gets easier.

freedumb said...

Thanks Jose and Gay Finance Blogger! Jose, I actually read your blog...it helped push me towards quitting...You need to sell your stocks in Altria! GFB, congrats on 3 years!