Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My Puppy Gets Bit...

This past Saturday, as I took my dog to puppy training class, he got bit by a golden retriever. My dog was on a leash and there were 2 goldens tied down on the grass. They were just laying there...figured they must be friendly since all the dogs coming were for obedience school. Well, even then they are still dogs. No growl or warning from the golden, just a quick strike to the face of my dog. 2 stitches to the upper eye lid, and 1 below...he's okay though. No damage to the eyeball, which is good. He's doing much better now, just hates that cone on his head. Their owner was near the street out of view. He said sorry, but didn't mention anything about reimbursement for the vet bills. Luckily the instructor knows who the owner is...he's the director of the dog program. Anyway, my instructor asked me to give him the bill and a letter, and he'll give it to the owner. The total cost for this incident: $320.00. Lessons learned: 1. Never let you dog get close to another dog s/he doesn't know when owner is not near. 2. Never leave any dog unattended in an area where other dogs and people may come close. They grow so fast! He was a crazy, peeing, pooping machine! Now he's much better...Still crazy at times :). Okay, and still a peeing, pooping machine, but at least he knows where to go now.

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