Monday, March 20, 2006

To All Animal Lovers...Poor Mooie.

This is a call to all animal lovers, and even those that have allergies and can't stand them...I just found a website about an animal that was tortured and abused that touched my heart. Mooie is a 4 month old puppy that was burned by acid over 80% of her body. Just a couple months younger than my dog :(. The police and animal authorities involved did nothing to investigate the issue and destroyed crucial evidence. They don't know who did it. I just want to spread the word so that the public is more aware that this type of activity occurs and probably falls under the radar more often than might be thought because animals can't speak out for themselves. If you know anyone that is abusing an animal, call your local humane society. I hope that this is just an exception, and most animal cruelty cases will be handled properly.
***WARNING*** Graphic content on link. ***WARNING*** Justice for Mooie ***WARNING*** Graphic content on link. ***WARNING***

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John said...

My god, that's horrible. I hope they have strict laws in place for crimes like that. Anyone who would purposely do that to an innocent animal is sick and needs to be helped, and punished. Who knows what or WHO they will do it to next.