Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday! Update: Smoking, Frugality, and Metrosexuality...03.24.2006

Thanks to Singlemom and Eric for their support...I'm proud to say that I'm still smoke free! It's now been almost a month! 20 days of being smoke free...saving me a whopping $45.00! Not too shabby. This week has been kind of busy for me at work. On top of that it's just been rainy and dreary, so I haven't really been as motivated as I wish I was...My blogging has been meh. I did find a couple posts that were quite fascinating...The first from Kirby, with a post on being so frugal, we some times forget the value of time in our search for the cheapest things. And the other from Make Love, Not Debt, who talks about getting $35.00 haircuts! I'd say that's not being overly frugal. :) But definitely not for me...I'm happy with finding the best deal on haircuts...But I'm not quite ready to go bald. Yet. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Single Ma said...

Well you just go 'head wit ya bad self! They say it takes 21 days to break a bad only have 1 more to go. Be strong, you can do it! Mind over matter.

Did you stop cold turkey or are you taking something?