Thursday, March 09, 2006

Just a Thought...2 Cent Stamp Worth $0.02?

I just handed over a $0.02 stamp to my friend because she didn't have any, and I thought, "I wonder if these $0.02 stamps actually cost more to make then they are worth?" Didn't they even have a $0.01 "make-up" stamp a few years back? I think the USPS should start annoucing increases to postage on a certain date, while still allowing folks who have old postage to use it until another certain date, like 1 year after the increase. At which time, people will be forced to buy "make-up" stamps. All retail locations will only be selling the new stamps from the initial date, so that people would slowly move over. So for example, on Jan 1, 2006, stamps go up to $0.39. However, if you have old stamps, you can use them until Jan 1, 2007. All stamps sold from Jan 1, 2006, will be $0.39. Maybe that's just too confusing? Sorry, just a random thought...hopefully you didn't think that was too much of a waste of your 2 minutes. :)

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mbhunter said...

They probably are. And even if they aren't, it's a government agency, so they aren't really motivated by pesky things like profits.