Friday, March 31, 2006

My Top 5 Financial Touchdowns

So I wrote awhile back on what I thought were my top 5 financial blunders. Well, it's only fair that I look at what I think were my top 5 financial touchdowns. It was really, really hard to describe 5 specific financial moves. These are not listed in a particular order. It was hard enough trying to remember them, and then getting enough details to make them substantial enough to write about. In fact I'm still not sure about that...but hey, it's a start... - Blogging. Blogging has helped me focus on the details of my net worth. Tracking net worth itself is great, but without some way to really look at the numbers and wonder why things are the way, you only know the very surface of things. Blogging also has helped gain insight I never would have stumbled across by trying to learn on my own. Read more here. - Tracking net worth. It all started with using my former credit union site which had access to Yodlee's My Worth service. It tracked my net worth automatically. Knowing my net worth really makes me consider things like whether my next purchase is "worth it," or why is my net worth not increasing as much as it should? Without an understanding of where you are at the moment, it becomes very difficult to identify where you are headed. - Getting a job during high school. Getting a job as soon as I can probably gave me a real sense of what it is to earn money. Of course chores had the same effect, actually getting a paycheck, being able to plan and figure out what to do with the money I earned helped me become more responsible. I think. - Getting credit cards from a young age. I have a long credit history...goes back almost 10 years. Not to mention, credit cards taught me to really hate debt. I could see credit cards easily turning into one of my top 5 mistakes as well though. - College: Attending my state public university rather than a private university. Probably the single most important decision I made. I attended private school from K - 12, thanks mom and dad, but when it came to college, I decided to go to my local state university. Which choice would you have made?

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