Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What's In My Wallet?

Brand: Kaiser. Type: Bi-fold, black leather. Contents: - Driver's license - Lucky charm (I'm not superstitious) - Lucky charm 2 (Really! People gave these to me...) - Secret Santa paper (Wow! time to clean the wallet out) - 3 $20s - 2 $5s - 5 $1s (I usually have a max of $20 cash lol) - David & Buster's Power Card (Why do I have this in here? I haven't gone for over a year) - City & County Golf Card - Work badge - Costco card - American Express Corporate Card - Visa Business Card - Best Buy gift card - Medical card - Home Depot gift card - Starbucks gift card - ATM Card - ATM Card 2 - Mastercard - Mastercard 2 - American Express Blue card - Entertainment card - Doggie appointment reminder card - $1 off Quiznos coupon - Laminated card with phone numbers, membership numbers - Various frequent customer cards - 3 receipts (ATM withdrawls, food, etc.) WOW! I have a ton of stuff in my wallet...What's in yours?


Lisa said...

Wow - sounds like you wallet may explode!

Now, "girly wallets" hold a bit more stuff. Let's see how I compare.
- Cash $2 (better hit the ATM before lunch!)
- Debit card
- One credit card
- Driver's License
- Work ID
- Discount cards for 2 grocery stores and Petsmart
- Library Card
- 3 ATM receipts (that I can submit to my bank for refund on the $6 total fees)
- 12 family pictures
- CPR card
- PMI Membership card
- Roadside assistance card
- Home Depot card (I think this has been used once - sucked into that "save 15% if you open an account" with a big purchase. Time to cut this one up. Where are my scissors?)
- Kohl's credit card (another one to cut up - we don't have a Kohl's closeby anymore.)
- Mileage plus card
- 3 Insurance cards
- Business credit card
- 2 frequent buyer cards
- Reminder for upcoming haircut appointment

That's it! My wallet will feel much lighter after I cut up those cards. :)


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freedumb said...

Lol...My wallet is actually in pretty good shape...I thought about George from Seinfeld when I started looking at all the stuff in my wallet, dunno if you saw or watch seinfeld...but my wallet is no where near that still closes :P

City Girl said...

lol. well, I guess my wallet is pretty average then! But I think we had pretty much the same amount stuff; you itemized everything and I lumped stuff together :-)