Monday, June 19, 2006

Buying Airline Tickets? Why Airline Sites Have Made Orbitz, Expedia, etc. Obsolete.

If you're buying airline tickets and have been buying them from sites like and, read on...

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Sites like Orbitz do provide the convenience of being able to shop multiple airlines at once. You can also add hotels, car rentals, etc. But prices are always higher at these sites due to the convenience fees. If you want the best deal shop the airline's website. I have yet to find a cheaper flight on the travel site, but hey I could be wrong. Find out for yourself...check out one of the sites and compare. This could be a secret sites like Orbitz and Expedia don't want you to know, but if you find a date you like, go to the airlines website, and purchase your tickets there...I bet the price will be the same minus the convenience fees! On top of that, you can find some additional deals only available through the airlines websites, like $xxx off deals, last minute specials, and bonus mileage. So there you have it...I do not own any airline stocks.


Anonymous said...

you actually post tips like this? orbitz, expedia, etc made it easy to quickly compare prices accross all of the airlines giving customers quick insight into pricing and a lot of options. customers know that the prices are higher on these sites because these sites lay it out in bold print - and customers are paying a few extra bucks for helpful services, like flight delay notification via phone, text message, to you, family, friends, etc.

many people do search these sites and then go buy from the airline sites, but keep in mind the airline sites don't always have the features that the aggregators have.

i don't own any airline stocks, but i use to work at one the companies you speak of.

freedumb said...

Interesting thought...I'll write a response in a full post. Thanks!