Sunday, June 25, 2006

Thank You: Dad

Since Father's day just passed, I figure it would be appropriate that the first in my new series called, "Thank You," is about my dad. Credit to FMF's post "Being Thankful" for kicking my butt and doing something I should've done a long time ago. Where do I start? My relationship with my father has never really been great. He's constantly nagging, giving me unsolicited advice, getting overly angry (tempered), and generally unwilling to accept blame, but everything he does he does with the premise that it's for my good, and although tough to take at times, I guess deep down inside I appreciate it. Even though I don't actually reciprocate the way I should...Hey what would you do if your dad keeps telling you to save your money when that's all I think about! He just doesn't get that. But hey, for putting me through school, giving me the opportunity to travel, teaching me how to catch crabs, giving me the resources to pursue my interests, and giving me, uhhhh, just about everything else... Anyway, breaking through the surface tension like Mento's dropped in bottle of soda, THANK YOU DAD.

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