Monday, June 26, 2006

If I'm Not Blogging For Money, Why the Ads?

I wrote awhile back on why I blog, and the conclusion I came to is that: 1. To share my knowledge of finances. 2. To gain insight from others, aka get criticism/feedback, on my financial decisions. 3. To log my financial journey, like tracking my net worth. 4. To hold myself accountable. But none of it includes making money, so why the ads? Well, let me be honest, I do want to make some extra cash if I can. Is it important? No, but it sure is interesting. From choosing ad providers to choosing the layout. What works? What doesn't? It's like a little experiment. So I don't blog to make a profit, but it does add to the incentive to keep blogging. Sorry, I'm not willing to take the Paranoid Brain challenge, but that is an interesting proposition. Maybe when I get bored of it... You probably noticed that I make subtle changes to my blog every so often. If you see anything you don't like, let me know. This blog is a work in progress, and if there was ever a more appropriate to slap the "under construction" tag on something, this blog is it, actually all blogs are right?

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