Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How Am I Going To Meet My Goal? $63K Left To Go!

Jeez, I'm way off target. At this rate, I'll need to increase my monthly networth by $9,000 just to meet my goal! Yeah, ummm, highly unlikely. So what am I going to do? Well, I do want to shift my assests into more aggressive investments, but right now is just not the time for me. I do not feel comfortable making the jump at this moment. However, by the end of the year, I do feel I may make the move. With inflation worries, lower earnings expected in second half of 2006, housing worries, it just doesn't seem right right now. I may just shift my retirements assets to more aggressive funds and leave my non-retirment money alone for now. So really, I probably won't reach my goal. So the alternate plan? Save as much as I can. Hopefully I can hit at least 75% of my 2006 goal. I am planning on: - Reshifting my 401k investments into an aggressive fund towards the later part of this summer. - Cutting expenses. - Sell some stuff on eBay. I hope this market stabilizes soon. I want to make my next move already! Patience is the key word...and that's gotta be one of my worst traits.


Single Ma said...

"I hope this market stabilizes soon. I want to make my next move already!"

Call me crazy but I make money moves WHEN the market is bad. Buy it when no one is looking and no one else wants it. ;-)

freedumb said...

Thanks for pointing that out...I agree 100%. Maybe I should say, "I hope this market bottoms out soon." ?????