Friday, June 02, 2006

How Do I Grow My Net Worth Without Revealing My Income...

This is going to be tough...I don't want to reveal my income for various reasons, the biggest being the potential discovery of who I am by my work colleagues. I just posted my net worth, so I figured it be appropriate to discuss how I save...without revealing my income. - I live with my parents. Yes, in Hawaii, it is not uncommon to see many generations under one roof. It's just the style of living here. Thus my expenses are limited--gas, mobile phone service, cable, auto insurance, etc. I don't pay rent. I've offered... - I work from home, thus my gas and maintenance costs are very low. - I am pretty thrifty always looking for the best deals. However, I do go on an occasional splurge, as demonstrated this month. I restrict my splurge purchases, or try to anyway, to things that I've wanted for at least 6 months. I also buy things on sale if at all possible and practice the art of tease shopping. - I use my credit card for all purchases, rarely using cash. This saves me close to 1% on almost everything. - I eat out at places I find coupons or there are specials at. - I like to do "free" entertainment activites like fishing, going to the beach, taking my dog to the dog park... Some areas I need to work on: - My investment growth. - Eating out less. - Spending...who doesn't! So there you have it. How I save without revealing my income.

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