Sunday, June 18, 2006

How Am I Going To Meet My Goal? Part 2

I needed to think about this more. Earlier this week I wrote about it, but it deserves more thought than that...Let's say on average, I save a conservative $4,000.00 a month, $5,000.00 less than what I need to save. The actual amount doesn't matter, the bottomline is I need to figure out a way to turn less money into more. This means, I'm going to hit $65,710.00 out of the $100,000.00 goal I set. How the heck am I going to actually hit $100,000?!?!


In my original post, I said:
I am planning on: - Reshifting my 401k investments into an aggressive fund towards the later part of this summer. - Cutting expenses. - Sell some stuff on eBay.
But what does each mean? Reshifting my 401k investments into an aggressive fund. Well this one is pretty self expanatory I think. Cutting expenses. Alright, how am I going to cut expenses? Well, for one, I'm going to eat out less. I'm going to have to focus on buying groceries to make lunch. Cut back on the smoothies and coffee. Instead of Starbucks, I'm going to McDonalds. Like my philosophy on loosing weight, which is to cut back, not completely change the diet. For example, if you're making dinner, take your normal choices and portions, then put some back. Sell some stuff on eBay. Hah, this is going to be fun. I have so many junks in my place. I might soon need a waterfront property to store it. ;) I've also gone ahead and reviewed My Luxuries. Unfortunately, I can't cut out much there...I can't give away my dog. So don't even suggest that! :) I could cut my subscription, but the amount I save because I don't go out exceeds the amount I spend on the subscription...I already minimized from the 3-out to the 2-out subscription reducing the fee by about $5.00/month. I could start getting real drastic, but at this point, I don't think that's called for...yet. Don't worry, I'll warn you when I start re-using underwear.


Single Ma said...

Wow - that's a far fetched goal. Only other thing I can think of is to eat roman noodles and ride a bike for the rest of the year.

Even that will be in vain if you don't even earn $4,000/month. LOL

freedumb said...

LOL...I'll take your suggestions into consideration. :)