Saturday, June 17, 2006

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So I'm beginning the process of finding a realtor. I've asked my friends and family for references, including a few folks I've met on my own. My main concerns for a realtor are: - Honesty and openess. I want one that is willing to disclose full client list, and is willing to disclose previous transactions. - Short client list. Proven transaction history. I don't want to be at the end of the list when a listing comes that fits my needs. - Patient. My realtor must be able to tolerate my personality. I like being updated and being able to contact my realtor without the feeling of pestering them. - Trustworthy. If I'm willing to disclose my income and my personal goals with this person, I hope that the same can be reciprocated. I don't want a realtor that would hide a good deal so that they can benefit from it. - Full time realtor. I've contacted a few realtors to setup appointments. Hopefully within a month or so, I can have someone to call on should I find a property that peaks my interest. On another note, I just thought, what if I don't get a realtor at all? Buy on my own? Is there any benefit? Look for a post in the future...

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