Friday, June 30, 2006

Hey Anonymous, Yeah You...Macs Suck.

Anonymous comments are always interesting. Everytime I see a comment by an Anonymous poster, it gets my juices it going to be critical? Is it going to be an outright bashing? Is it going to be something real? I always hope it's the later...something I can learn from. However, I do get comments that make me wonder if they even read my post in the first place... For example, take this comment about my recent post on tip jars:
At 28/6/06 23:14, Anonymous said... i hope you're joking. don't tip if you don't want to. it's really that simple.
Now really, as if I didn't know that. The point is, the tip jar is excessive. It should be put where a transaction is concluded, not where it begins. It's really that simple. Or take this example, in my post on a deceptive 0% offer, I wrote, "Sure it's my fault for mis-reading the offer, but still it just doesn't make sense." So I get a comment:
At 15/6/06 23:17, Anonymous said... It IS your fault. I would not have waived that. You got lucky.
Did I miss something here? Uhhh, I said, "it's my fault." And finally, in response to my post on commercials I despise...
At 21/6/06 10:31, Anonymous said... The Mac commercials are amazing. What I am finding interesting is how many PC users get upset at the Mac commercials? Is it striking a nerve...? Let's face it. Macs are a superior machine. Hands down.
Let me ask you this, Anonymous, what's your goal in posting something like that? To stir up a childish "PCs are better than Macs" war? Hah, please. The proof is in the pudding(?). Just look around...there's a reason why PCs are much more common...and the reason why Macs now share PC hardware. So hah, Anonymous. Take that! :) (Really, I like Macs...)


Anonymous said...

Most anons are trolls. Some blogs have a requirement to provide an email before leaving an anonymous post. Believe it or not I acuatlly provide my real email address.

Your best course of action to anonymous posters is to take no action at all. Ignore them, they'll eventually get bored and go away.

Good blog Freedumb.


Flexo said...

Anonymous comments are par for the course. You could always change blogger's setting not to allow anonymous comments.... but I find it inhibits free conversation.

freedumb said...

Thanks for the feedback Andy and Flexo.

I would never want to get rid of anonymous commenting. They add a great perspective...things that people would never say normally. Blogging without that option makes for a very different feel I think.

Anonymous said...

Freedumb - you are funny. I often wonder the same about anon posters. I say man up! Identify yaself and say what's on ya mind. Punks! ha ha

Oh yea, I'm Single Ma. ;-)

freedumb said...

You know, I just realized as an anon blogger, how can I come down on anon commenters? But you know what? I think the difference between plain old anonymous and an anonymous identity, like freedumb, is that you can rebut and discuss. I think there's a big difference. I appreciate any comment regardless. So anonymous, keep on posting!