Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Home: Finding a Realtor...Or Not. Buying a Home Myself. link to this post

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I recently wrote My Home: Finding a Realtor, and I thought, "Wait a minute, why do I even need a realtor? Maybe I can do this myself?"


Why would I want to do that? Well, I wrote the main factors I'm looking for in a realtor, but the fact is, how do you find a realtor that's "trustworthy?" I have no clue...It's hard enough finding true friends, nevermind a friend in a specific industry. That brought about the thought, what if I just buy on my own without a realtor. From what I've been able to find, it is possible, but does it make sense? Maybe. If you're really good at negotiating, then maybe you can negotiate the price down half of the commission normally reserved for the buyer and seller agents. And if you have resources, like a real estate lawyer and a mortgage broker. Might be nice to have some experienced folks in real estate just for advice too. Here are some links I've found... Bottom line, it depends. For most situations, as a buyer, getting an agent is probably better. I say probably because it's largely dependent on your skills as a negotiator and how resourceful you are.

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